Monthly Archives: October 2018

Karen and Vic Hansen

We strongly believe in helping to create a strong Jewish community where we live. After growing up in New York, Karen was surprised at the lack of Jewish support and information in our state of Oregon. Schools remain open here for Yom Kippur! We hope Temple Beth Israel will continue to be a growing and diverse community. By supporting it financially, and knowing there is a growing membership with many young families, we are doing our part to help secure a strong future for our synagogue.

Helen Rosenau

I come from a Holocaust family. I grew up on stories of “How Nana saved Opa from the Nazis” and “Our boat was two hours into Brazilian waters when WW2 began or we would have been shipped back.” I have donated to the legacy project in the hope that our Jewish legacy will continue to honor the memories of those who perished and those who survived. It is also my hope that future generations will be taught and understand the importance of history and of fighting to preserve the social and political values that free multicultural societies are built upon.

Tom and Patti Barkin

Eugene’s Jewish community has been our spiritual, emotional and social home for more than 40 years. Leaving a legacy gift to support Temple Beth Israel, the true center of our home, simply makes sense to us. We want to do our part to ensure that future generations in Eugene will find a Jewish community as welcoming and dynamic as the one we have been blessed to be a part of over the decades.