Monthly Archives: March 2018

Gary and Carolyn Weinstein

We believe that life is a precious gift. To live it without meaning, without purpose, without making a difference, is to deny that gift. We have had the ability to make choices that shape our lives and the lives of our people. We find meaning in our lives, in direct proportion to our decision to use our freedom to make life giving and life sustaining choices. With our life choices that link us to the covenant we accepted at Sinai, we have experienced the satisfaction of building a Jewish world for ourselves, our children, and the Jewish people. We want to pass on to our children our sense of commitment to a history, a memory, a destiny that makes our lives count.

Jeanne Newmark

I was brought up in a Jewish home where I saw being generous to others as a part of my everyday life. Herb z”l and I tried to raise our children with these same values. It means a lot to me to be able to leave a legacy.

Theodore Nelson and Curtis Shaffstall

Curt and I are proud to be a part of a community that imparts a steady and respectful voice calling all of us to action. Our affinity and involvement with the Jewish Community led our family to consider how our legacy can impact lives, strengthen the foundation of Judaism, and to be part of the future. Our resulting plan creates an endowment with a focused theme and a broad view on how the income may be used, allowing future generations to disburse funds aligned to new traditions and evolving interpretations. This legacy gift fulfills our strong desire to grow our community endowment and to do our part to build a thriving, proud, and diverse Jewish community in Portland.

Tony and Priscilla Kostiner

We moved to Portland in 1974. We were warmly welcomed by the Jewish community. Our family has grown and thrived here. Now it’s time for us to give back to the community. By making our legacy gifts, we can help assure the future of our congregation and the agencies that have meant so much to us.

Stephen and Elaine Kantor

As children, we were taught the importance of giving back to the community. As parents, we have strived to instill that philosophy in our own children. The Oregon Jewish Community Foundation empowers us to give to the community, satisfy the compelling needs of those less fortunate and, at the same time, provide us with the satisfaction of knowing we have taken advantage of the opportunity to pay it forward. Through ensuring the future continuity of Jewish life, OJCF assists us in carrying out our charitable goals and sustaining our own Jewish traditions. As strong advocates since its formation, we value the foundation’s partnership that enables us to leave a legacy for future generations. We are proud and humbled to be supporters of OJCF and to share in its compelling growth and contributions to the community.

Beth and John Germain

We are proud to be part of the Mittleman Jewish Community Center’s Legacy Society as well as Portland Jewish Academy’s Dor L’Dor Society. Both PJA and the MJCC have been a huge part of our family’s life since our children were small. The J is truly our community’s “living room” where we can meet friends, eat, participate in an activity or program or just hang out and feel welcome. It has been a home away from home for our family.

Nathan Cogan

Tzedakah has always been important to me. Thirteen years ago my late wife Sara and I decided that we would leave 20% of our estate to charity. That commitment, in conjunction with our OJCF donor advised fund, has enabled me to provide both current support and to make legacy commitments to my synagogue, Cedar Sinai Park, Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education and Jewish Family & Child Service. I am also committed to supporting a number of refugee rescue and aid groups, homeless shelters and Portland State University’s Holocaust and Genocide Studies project plus scholarships for students and faculty. I don’t see it as giving back, but rather giving forward. So armed with lessons from Jewish tradition and a strong belief in tikkun olam, I embrace tzedakah in recognition of serious local and global needs.

Gerel Blauer

It is wonderful to see the community working together and the common thread that binds us should never be broken. It was always my and Henry’s z”l hope that the community would continue to become even stronger and more resilient to enable those here and now, and those in the future, to enjoy the beautiful legacy which we ourselves found in Portland and cherished for so many years.

Barry and Karla Benson

We feel fortunate to have benefited from the strong, welcoming and diverse Portland Jewish community. Doing our part by establishing a legacy fund we have not only modeled behavior for our daughter but it has allowed us to provide future support and continuity for the organizations that we value.

Ron Appelbaum and Judy Nemer Appelbaum

Harry and Diane Nemer were pillars of the Portland Jewish community. They supported Portland Jewish Academy, B’nai B’rith Camp and Congregation Shaarie Torah. We wanted to continue that support and expand it to include other organizations in the Portland area. Not everyone is as comfortable as we are. No one should go hungry. We need to take care of our elderly. Our community’s children need a good Jewish education.The Oregon Jewish Community Foundation can help ensure these needs are met with the help of our legacy gift.