Monthly Archives: June 2017

Sharon Weil

I have donated to many charities during my lifetime, but ensuring that my charitable values and support continue long after I am gone has always been an important piece of my legacy. From a young age, my parents, Elaine J. Savinar and Robert P. Weil, of blessed memory, instilled in me a strong love for community and the importance of giving back. After I was a victim of a random attack, I realized you never know what is going to happen in your lifetime. This has empowered me to leave a legacy gift to OJCF that will create a donor advised fund that my family will advise on. It will ensure that my family’s legacy of giving will continue for generations to come.

Eric and Tiffany Rosenfeld

We feel tremendous pride and good fortune to be a part of this extraordinary community.  As Jewish Oregonians, we have won 1st prize in the lottery of life.  Our legacy gift stems from respect for the memory and values of our wonderful parents and grandparents, our desire to see Jewish life and culture continue to grow and thrive in Oregon, and our confidence in the Oregon Jewish Community Foundation.


Harold and Jane Pollin

The giving of tzedakah connects the generations of our Jewish community. As we fulfill this sacred responsibility, we access the best of ourselves, and bring our values to life. One of the great blessings in my and Jane’s life together has been to experience the joy of giving. My father, Morris Pollin, was my first teacher, and although he did not explain this in words, his example lit my path. It is our deep privilege to help ensure this treasured legacy for our children, and for the Jewish future. As our parents planted for us, so do we plant for the children. We pray that our legacy inspires future generations to do the same.


Dean and Sharon Morell

We, as individuals and as a family, recognize that feeling good about who we are is rooted in the impact we try to have on others and on our community. Leaving a legacy that goes beyond the present moment brings us personal satisfaction. Furthermore, it gives us the peace of mind that, just as those before us enriched our lives and Jewish well-being through their generosity and wisdom, we too will leave a mark on the community through our legacy gift to the Oregon Jewish Community Foundation’s Community Endowment Fund.

David and Liz Lippoff

When you are as blessed as we feel we are, when you have the time and resources to help others, when you have the ability to show your love and appreciation for your community, it does not seem like an obligation to help others; it is an honor and a privilege. We would take that one step further: it is a joy. We were raised that way, and it is the lesson and the example we hope we have set for our children.

 Legacy giving is especially satisfying because it serves both as a final gift and as an ongoing gift; it is both to our community and to our children. It allows us to share of ourselves when we are gone, and it demonstrates to our family that it is the way we hope they will continue in our name.

Thank you, Portland, and thank you Oregon Jewish Community Foundation for making it possible for us to do this mitzvah and feel this joy.



Mimi and Leonard Lewitt

It’s rewarding to find our children and grandchildren involved in tzedakah and Jewish life. We plant the giving tree today, and the tree grows over many years to bring help to the needy and nurture family life in the community.


Renee and Irwin Holzman

Not only was charitable giving a part of our upbringing, our parents modeled kindness to others, especially those in need. We have tried to do the same for our children and grandchildren. We have planted the seeds, we believe, for opening our hearts now and in the future, in hopes that the world will be a kinder and gentler place for all.


Steve and Michelle Gradow

I am the son of a Jewish partisan who fought for freedom during World War II.  Michelle comes from a family with deep roots in our Jewish community.  Together, we feel blessed to have established the Gradow Family Fund of OJCF through which we will leave a legacy gift to support the Jewish organizations that have meant so much to us during our lifetimes.  We want our daughter and future generations to embrace the importance of philanthropy and to know how essential it is to give back to our community.

Josh and Amy Frankel

The Jewish community is a significant part of our family’s life. The relationships and friendships we have built provide us with a powerful sense of belonging in our community that will ultimately last our entire lives. Being Jewish and living Jewish provides a foundation for our values and helps us raise our kids so they will know how to make the world a better place for their kids.  This concept of l’dor v’dor is truly what inspires our commitment to tzedakah during our lives and our desire to leave behind a legacy that will help strengthen the future of our Jewish community.


Howard and Jen Feldman

Leaving a legacy gift is our way of ensuring our children as well as future generations know this is what mattered to us; we hope it matters to you. We stand on the shoulders of those who came before us so it is incumbent upon us to continue the legacy by investing in the present  with the intention of helping secure the future.